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The theme of CECAR 8 is “Resilient Infrastructures in Seamless Asia.” Under this theme, CECAR 8 will offer forty two theme sessions (TS) and seven general sessions (GS). Authors including invited speakers by theme session conveners are kindly invited to submit abstracts using the abstract submission system on the CECAR 8 website by February 28, 2018.


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February 28, 2018 March 23, 2018– Abstract submission deadline
May 31, 2018 – Successful authors notified of acceptance
June 1, 2018 – Full paper submission opens
September 30, 2018 – Full papers due
September 30, 2018 – Speaker registration deadline
October 31, 2018 – Conference program opens




CATEGORIES: Theme Sessions (TS) & General Sessions (GS)

CFA: The sessions invites abstracts (“Call for Abstracts”).
For more information, please see the attache file.

1. Theme Session (TS)

No. Titles of Proposed Sessions Abstract
TS1-1 Advanced Concept and Implementation of Seismic Design Methods for Resilience Against Intense Earthquake Invitation only
TS1-2 Long Life Steel Bridges:Design, Construction, Replacement and Maintenance Technologies to Extend the Life of Steel Bridges CFA
TS2-1 Coastal Erosion in Asian Countries-Monitoring, Evaluation and Prediction Techniques Foward Coastal Protection and Adaptation Strategies- Invitation only
TS2-2 Development of Quality Port Infrastructure Through the Establishment of the National Technical Regulations and Standards Invitation only
TS2-3 Development of the Northern Sea Route and Its Future Tasks CFA
TS2-4 Integrated Risk Management for Sediment Related Disasters CFA
TS2-5 Recent Water-Related Natural Disasters in Asian Region CFA
TS2-6 Water and Disasters-Toward Building Resilient Society under Climate Change- Invitation only
TS2-7 Wave and Tide Observation and Analysis CFA
TS3-1 Applications of Geosynthetics for Various Civil Engineering Disciplines CFA
TS3-2 Experiences and Challenges in Construction and Management of Underground Infrastructures CFA
TS4-1 Civil Engineering Heritage: Preservation, Reuse and Social Significance CFA
TS4-2 Civil Engineers’ Contributions to SDGs Through Promoting Resilient Infrastructure and Community Initiatives for Livelihood Improvement(Canceled) CFA
TS4-3 How to Utilize Big Data for Transportation Planning and Management Invitation only
TS4-4 ITS-based Solutions for Urban Transportation in Asia Pacific Countries Invitation only
TS4-5 Public Spaces for Local Communities as the Resilient Infrastructure-based on the Experiences on Post-disaster Recoveries; How to Develop the Methodology for Spatial Planning and Design Fused with Community Enhancement? –(Canceled) Invitation only
TS4-6 Quality and Resilient Infrastructure in Asia: How Can Investment Gap Be Bridged? CFA
TS4-7 The Keys of Success in Promoting Regional Revitalization CFA
TS5-1 Sustainable and Eco-friendly Concrete by Effective Application of Local Mineral Admixtures Invitation only
TS5-2 Wood Utilization in Civil Engineering CFA
TS6-1 Advanced Construction/Maintenance Model Utilizing ICRT CFA
TS6-2 Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Civil Engineering CFA
TS6-3 Comparative Study of Quality Infrastructure in Europe, the United States and Asia and Civil Engineer’s Contribution Invitation only
TS6-4 Developing a More Relevant Program for Civil Engineering Education Invitation only
TS6-5 Enhancing Citizens’ Understanding on Importance of Infrastructure Based on Infrastructure Health Report Invitation only
TS6-6 INFRA BIM Pending
TS6-7 Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth CFA
TS6-8 Innovative Construction Technologies and Management in Infrastructure Projects CFA
TS6-9 Introduction of Users’ Viewpoints in Post Appraisal of ODA Infrastructure Project CFA
TS6-10 Open Dialogs among Asian Economies on Anti-Corruption – Challenges from Different Perspectives CFA
TS6-11 Present and Future Maintenance Strategy for Infrastructures in Asian Region Invitation only
TS6-12 Productivity Improvements in the Field of Construction by ICT Invitation only
TS6-13 Study of Failure for Young Civil Engineers Invitation only
TS6-14 Transdisciplinary Approach for Disaster Risk Reduction by Scientific Knowledge-based Decision-Making – Four Years of Activity of TC21 and Statement from the Members for Future DRR – Invitation only
TS6-15 Transforming Civil Engineering Education and Practice to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Where We Are Invitation only
TS6-15 Transforming Civil Engineering Education and Practice to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Next Steps Invitation only
TS6-16 Women in Civil Engineering CFA
TS7-1 Adoption of Standard Operating Procedures for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Long Span Bridges Pending
TS7-2 Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Water-related Issues CFA
TS7-3 Environmentally Sound Management of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW): Challenges and Opportunities in Asian Countries CFA
TS7-4 Role of Civil Engineering in Mitigation of Climate Change CFA
TS7-5 Technology of New & Renewable Energy for Sustainable Society Pending
TS7-6 Towards More Resilient Lifeline Systems(Canceled) Invitation only

2. General Sessions (GS)

No. Titles of Proposed Sessions Abstract
GS-1 Structural Engineering/Earthquake Engineering & Applied Mechanics CFA
GS-2 Hydraulic, Coastal and Environmental Engineering CFA
GS-3 Geotechnics CFA
GS-4 Infrastructure Planning and Management CFA
GS-5 Materials, Concrete Structures and Pavements CFA
GS-6 Construction Engineering and Management CFA
GS-7 Environmental Systems and Engineering CFA
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