CECAR (Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region) is a major activity of ACECC (The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council) held on a triennial basis, and started in 1998.

CECAR 8 will enlighten conference participants and others on strides made in sustainable civil engineering infrastructure applicable to the Asia Pacific Region.

Technical areas covered will include all fields of civil engineering such as construction, geotechnical, structural, environmental, water resources, transportation, and architectural engineering.

Special sessions on timely topics such as climate change, disaster planning and management, coastal management, social and economic issues in infrastructure development, forensic engineering, safety and security issues, and use of sustainable resources will be included, and innovation in studies, design, construction, and operations will be emphasized.

Conference proceedings will be published.

ACECC was established in 1999 with the aim of promoting the acquisition and transfer of civil engineering knowledge for advancing the design and construction practices that ultimately improve the quality of life of all citizens from ACECC member countries. ACECC is currently comprised of member societies from 13 countries (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan, S. Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, USA, and Vietnam), and in the near future hopes to add societies from other Asian countries.